Visiting Students

Attention Match 2024 Candidates: We anticipate that our program will be live on VSLO on 4/1/23 for applicants requesting rotations for the '23-'24 application cycle. Applications will be accepted on a rolling basis for available rotations from July through December. 

Under the supervision of GW faculty and senior house staff, visiting students share many of responsibilities of orthopedic residents.  Students observe and participate in a variety of patient encounters - in the emergency room, the operating room, the wards, and the outpatient clinic.  Students are also asked to deliver at least one brief presentation on a relevant orthopedic topic. 

Please see the School of Medicine and Health Sciences page for visiting students for information about applying through the Visiting Student Application Service.

In addition to the VSAS application requirements, please include your USMLE scores on your CV.

Contact Information:

Sam Moghtaderi, MD
Program Director